Pre-Owned Warranty

LSV of Alpharetta shall warranty all Re-furbished carts for a period of six months with the below coverages, Warranty coverage shall INCLUDE the frame, brakes, wheel hubs, bearings, steering shaft, fittings, leaf springs, shocks, electrical wiring, wiring harness, motor, solenoid, pedal assembly, lighting, motor, and controller. Batteries will have a one year manufacturers warranty provided they are well maintained using distilled water (no overfill and cannot run dry) and charged on a regular basis. The battery charger will be warrantied for a perid of 90 days. The warranty doss NOT include pick up or delivery charges of the cart or on site charges. Accessories have manufacturers warranties and will be left to the discretion of those manufacturers. Voiding of Warranty. This warranty shall be void if the cart is abused or the cart has been altered in any way after leaving the premises.